Sustainable products

In the past things were simple. A company could promote its brand and message to its customers in whatever way it saw fit – seen purely though the lens of novel and eye-catching promotional gifts. Nowadays things are more complex. We have all seen the devastating and distressing affect that plastics are having on our oceans and more recently the massive impact that fashion and clothing are having on CO2 and river pollution – CO2 pollution estimated to be greater than that produced by all the world’s aircraft! The idea of single-use items is becoming far less tolerated and socially acceptable.

But of course, companies still need to compete to win over new customers and keep hold of their existing ones. So, whilst globalisation and the internet has greatly increased competition, the need to service a company’s promotional goals should ideally be done so through the most sustainable channels available, or at least with a view to a products longevity and usefulness.

So much for the philosophical – but what can companies practically do to meet the sustainability challenges of today, whilst still delivering high quality, cutting edge promotional merchandise? Thankfully, the promotions industry and many of its supporting manufacturers have been working hard in recent years towards providing those sustainable alternative routes for creative teams. This is where experienced companies such as b.creative come into their own when working with organisations striving to meet their corporate sustainability goals. Their extensive knowledge of the promotional gifts landscape enables them to provide valuable advice and guidance to companies looking to do the right thing, whilst also maintaining a creative edge over their competitors.

Two case studies are briefly highlighted below to show how some manufacturers and technologies are now able to provide high quality products with impeccable environmental and ethical credentials:

Sustainable, circular textile range:

A great example of what can be done in reaching our sustainability goals without compromising on quality is Interall’s sustainable, circular textile range. It is made from yarn comprising 30% previously worn clothing, 20% off-cuts, and 50% recycled PET polyester:

A remarkable claim is that “the difference in water and energy usage between one regular polo-shirt and one 100% recycled polo-shirt from the Interall Group is equivalent to taking 72 showers and watching television non-stop for three months.” (Interall Group).

Check out the video from their partner company Schijvens below:

In addition, the final products are fully traceable and produced in factories, closely monitored to meet strict standards for workers welfare (

Sustainable stationery:

One of several companies that have been operating in the UK for several years are Remarkable ( They have developed several in-house technologies to recycle a wide range of waste products and won many awards in the process.


For those interested in knowing more about the circular economy and why it represents the future of manufacturing, marketing and corporate sustainability, please take a look at the following link:

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