Trends for 2019

So, what will be the hottest promotional gifts for 2019? Of course, no-one can really know the answer for sure at this time, however experience and an eye on the times suggests that there will be at least three themes that are likely to develop and/or at least persist throughout the year:

  • Wellness products
  • Sustainable products
  • Mobile phone accessories

The impact of Brexit is still unknown and may yet throw up a ‘wildcard’ within the promotional industry – we will be watching this space carefully to see what opportunities emerge. But for now, we’ll focus on what we believe will be the trends for 2019:


Wellness products

In our recent blog on Business Ethics we discussed how customers can often feel suspicious of an organisations motives – especially when something is being offered for ‘free’. Since wellness products are fundamentally intended to provide a direct benefit at a personal level, a brands association with such items is overwhelmingly positive.

Wellness products are ideally suited for internal staff as well as external clients and events. They can often provide generous physical space for prominent branding as well as all the positive attributes of being associated with health and well-being with few, if any, negative connotations.

There are a wealth of sports and activities with which to build a theme around and these can range from a water bottle to more expensive items like fitness trackers, or even memorable spa days for staff or clients.


Sustainable products

Our blog on Sustainable Products discusses the growing trend and environmental imperative for sustainable manufacturing processes and products, as part of the drive towards a circular and sustainable future.

The unfolding travesty of ocean plastics and environmental damage cause by unsustainable clothing manufacture are forcing companies to focus on their sustainability goals – or rapidly develop some if they have not already done so.

Single use or throw away gifts are increasingly being frowned upon and more creative and sustainable ways need to be found where a direct replacement is not available. Experienced companies like b.creative are able to assist promotional teams with products and ideas that can help meet these goals.

Plastics are not in themselves bad – most are inherently recyclable and use less energy to transport and recycle. Peoples attitudes towards recycling as well as availability of waste management facilities are the main problems – thankfully, both are slowly improving. Again, check out our Sustainable Products blog for some informative video’s and links on this topic.


Mobile phone accessories

Mobile phones have become almost indispensable in our personal and business lives. As such the desire for accessories that can extend their day-to-day usefulness around the office or home continues to generate interest as a promotional gift offering. Recent activity has centred around portable chargers, to extend the operability of heavily used phones or when travelling, and audio accessories such as quality headphones, which are particularly useful in increasingly open plan working environments. These are likely to remain popular, however, interest in more robust charging cables, VR glasses and custom 3D printed accessories also look to be developing as themes for 2019.

The key is to go for the best quality that you can afford. People are so wedded to their phones that any peripheral that falls short on delivery will be greatly despised!