Business ethics

The 2008 financial crisis brought with it a deep public distrust in the ethical behaviour of the banking and financial sectors, that remains today. In recent years public trust in the wider corporate sector has also been tainted by the dubious and often downright unethical behaviour of some leading UK and multi-national companies.

Organisations can now face a much more challenging road ahead when trying to win over new customers or re-affirm existing customer loyalty. In addition, corporate social and environmental responsibilities add to the complexity of getting this wider corporate message across through promotional incentives, in an honest and sustainable way.

Customers are now more savvy, demanding and cynical when assessing an organisation’s motives behind their incentive schemes. All too often customers, which of course includes all of us, feel that little value is sometimes being given in return for what is being taken – often without our full knowledge.

The promotional gifts industry is having to find new ways to support organisations in these challenging times, conveying not only the right message, but one which adds genuine value to their customers, as well as also being sustainable and believable. In our blog Trends for 2019 we discuss what the nature of such promotional offerings might be.

As a small company, b.creative has always needed and wanted to follow the highest standards of ethical business behaviour. Indeed, it is part of our company’s DNA and what we believe sets us apart from some others in our industry. Our clients already know this to be the case, with much of our business coming through word-of-mouth recommendations and the long-term relationships that we have developed and built on trust. We believe that our positive attitude towards honest and fair business translates into direct benefit to our customers, through the advice, products and services that we offer.

In the meantime, we can only hope that enough good will and good ethical behaviour will prevail amongst companies large and small, so that we do not create an environment of ever diminishing returns for everyone.